Quixadá will have one of the few ramps for hang gliding in the world lined with synthetic grass

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Quixadá is often described as “Hawaii of Hang Gliding”. No wonder. In this town in the middle of the state of Ceará, Brazil, lies the Serra do Urucum, taken by some of the practitioners of hang gliding – in Brazil and abroad – as the best place on earth to practice the sport.

In fact, Quixadá is one of the ideal places to break records, as weill as the desert of New Mexico, in the United States, the semi-arid regions of South Africa and the desert Forbes, Australia.

The preference for Quixadá for this sports activity is due to the favorable conditions for long-haul flights, such as temperature and trade winds. Here, thermals reach up to 15 meters per second in an updraft and reach altitudes of up to 3,500 meters.

And what was already good will get even better! The entrepreneur Almeida, a hotel businessman – a pioneer in opening Quixadá for international championships – invested in the construction of a new ramp at Serra do Juá, which will already begin to function as one of the best of the world!


The new ramp is being equipped with synthetic turf and will offer everything that pilots need to make your experience of flight more enjoyable. Accommodation for teams monitoring and guard ground equipment will also be available. Another good thing is that the new ramp will be next to Pedra dos Ventos Resort, which already receives the pilots in national and international championships.


It is expected that the new ramp will become a compulsory passage point for the practitioners of hang gliding, which may increase further sports tourism in Ceará.

By Gooldemberg Saraiva
Contact: bergsaraiva@gmail.com


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